Injury Rehabilitation &
Pain Prevention

Highly concentrative to help heal injured tissue, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Numerous techniques are used. 

25 minutes / $39
50 minutes / $79 
​60 minutes / $85 BEST VALUE

Sports Massage

A combination of massage modalities and stretching customized to your specific sports, workout or work issues.

25 minutes / $50
50 minutes / $89 BEST VALUE

Pelvic Health Treatment

Integrative deep tissue massage utilizing various stretching techniques.

25 minutes / $39
50 minutes / $79 
​60 minutes / $85 BEST VALUE

Structural Organization

This intensive series of 10 90-minute massages (single sessions are also available). This bodywork is a team effort between the therapist and client involving movement and deep tissue techniques to bring body awareness. This treatment is aimed at helping your body to function more fluidly in gravity with everyday activities.

One to five sessions / $150 each​ ​
​10 sessions / $120 each​​ 

CBD Therapy

We now offer CBD Healing Salve as an effective add-on to your massage therapy. The treatment will enhance your massage and help to ease pain. 

Prices range from $2 (small area) to $15 (large area)

TMJ Treatment

A massage which includes deep tissue, myofascial release and structural integration of the neck, face, throat and inside the mouth.

30 minutes / $45

Lymphatic Drainage 

A special massage that stimulates the lymph system and helps flush toxins from the body. Also helpful in preventing infection and viruses.

30 minutes / $45​​
50 minutes / $79


A special massage for the mother-to-be, improving circulation of the legs and relieving mental and physical fatigue

 50 minutes / $79

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Intense therapeutic massage treating specific, chronic muscle tension, dysfunction, and pain. Helps to alleviate chronic muscle conditions. Pressure is usually stronger and more intense

25 minutes / $39
50 minutes / $79 
​60 minutes / $85 BEST VALUE